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Dutchtown coach Guy Mistretta


Mustangs at Griffins

Sept. 13, 2018 at 7 p.m.


With Guy Mistretta

Head Football Coach

Dutchtown High School

Sports Scene: You got a lot of good things to talk about this week. Quite an opening week win against Northshore?

Coach Mistretta: I am really pleased with the guys’ effort. We had the regular first week jitters and had to work out the kinks with a ton of penalties that we have to get cleaned up. It was a tight ball game early that shouldn’t have been 14-7 at the half. In the second we really responded and put up a bunch of points, We are excited not just about the ability but the character of the guys. It is just a fun group to be around so we are looking forward to the season.

Sports Scene: Was it just a case of being tight at the beginning of the season and then things started rolling?

Coach Mistretta: I think a lot of times you have penalties because guys are just trying so hard. They may hold a little just trying to help make a big play. It is not something that we think is going to be a big issue all season and we think we will clean it up pretty quick here.

Sports Scene: Dutchtown has always been a team that can run the football?

Coach Mistretta: I am really pleased with our running game and there are several contributors to that. The leading rusher was Dylan Sampson and he is only a sophomore. He really had a great game with four touchdowns. Also we got back last year’s starter in Blayden Louis and I think that is going to be a great 1-2 punch. You include in that our offensive line where we return four starters with four seniors. We feel like that is our strong point and it is going to have to be early on because we have new quarterbacks with three of them taking reps right now so until that passing game comes into play, the running game is going to be key for us.

Sports Scene: What kind of talents and abilities do your quarterbacks have?

Coach Mistretta: Brayden Fritsche has been in the program forever. His older brother Brandt played and was a two-year starter. He is our starter right now and can kind of run the whole show for us. Everybody has a lot of respect for him and confidence in him. And then we have two other seniors in Logan Scott a starter on defense who is kind of our Wildcat type back although that can expand as he continues growing into the position. And we have Steven Winfield from Indiana who is a big guy and kind of our short yardage guy.

Sports Scene: The defense only gave up seven points and you have a ton of starters coming back?

Coach Mistretta: Johmel Jolla is definitely our leader on that side of the ball. He is a heck of a player, a good talent and he is just a tough kid. Someone that you can count on week in and week out. We do have a lot of experience but mostly because we had so many injuries last year. We were forced to play all these guys and now we are reaping the benefits. That said we still have to improve a lot on that side of the ball. You always do.

Sports Scene: What can we expect of Dutchtown this year?

Coach Mistretta: I think from a character standpoint of the kids and the understanding the entire program we have come a long way and eventually that is what brings you where you want to go to become elite.

Sports Scene: What do you expect from McMain this coming week?

Coach Mistretta: They had a tough outing. First of all St. Paul’s is a solid program. But if you look at them on film, they are a really talented group. They are one of them teams where if you are not prepared for them, they can sneak up on you and cause you trouble. We have got to stay humble. It is a long season and we are just getting started.