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Dutchtown Insights Week 11 2018

Dutchtown coach Guy Mistretta


Griffins at Patriots

Nov. 9, 2018 at 7 pm


With Guy Mistretta

Head Football Coach

Dutchtown High School

Sports Scene: A big win on Thursday night? You went in like it was a playoff game and played like that?

Coach Mistretta: That was our mindset all week. We started the playoffs a week early. You have to win to assure yourself a chance to get in there. It was a difficult week for us. We had 22 guys out with injuries this week and 14 who have started games for us in the past. It was a challenge but we had a lot of young guys step up and I am really proud of the program this week.

Sports Scene: McKinley is a very physical team with athletes?

Coach Mistretta: They are big, physical and athletic which is the scariest part of all especially with the kids we had out. They also were playing their last game of the year because of LHSAA sanctions so that was kind of their playoff game and we knew they would be excited and jacked up. Those kids played hard on both sides of the ball.

Sports Scene: The next game us is at John Ehret in the playoffs?

Coach Mistretta: After Thursday night, we actually expected to be No. 25 and actually thought we might have a rematch with EA. A lot of upsets happened Friday night and we changed up the numbers. I told the guys if you want to have an idea of what type of team you are facing compare them to East Ascension. They are big and athletic. They have a linebacker committed to LSU. It is going to be a tough challenge but we are excited. You are in the playoffs and it is a whole new season and it is always fun this time of the year.

Sports Scene: What can you tell us about your preparation for this one?

Coach Mistretta: We are already shutting down pretty early this time of the year. More so this year than in the past because of the injury situation. Just trying to keep guys healthy and get to Friday. It is more of a mental preparation than physical once you get to October.

Sports Scene: A 5-5 year but you made it back to the playoffs?

Coach Mistretta: When I first got to Dutchtown and talked to Coach Saia we knew that this year was going to be a challenging just from a numbers standpoint with this senior class. We have some really good football players in that class but there is not a lot of them compared to the other classes around it. So you kind of knew we would have a year like this and then you pile on the injuries we have had to deal with. But you can still find a lot of positives in how the guys are coming along.

Sports Scene: What can you tell us about John Ehret that we don’t know?

Coach Mistretta: They like to run the ball. It should be a really physical game against an athletic opponent. We are going down to the west bank hopefully at West Jefferson High School. We are just really looking forward to it. Everything we do is about preparing for the playoffs. The record and the regular season – everybody wants to win every week – trust me, it drives me nuts when we don’t but it is all about playing your best football in November so you can try and make a run. Hopefully we can have success on Friday.

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