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Dutchtown Insights Week 7 2018

Dutchtown coach Guy Mistretta


Griffins at Gators

Oct. 12, 2018 at 7 pm


With Guy Mistretta

Head Football Coach

Dutchtown High School

Sports Scene: The final was 37-23. A tough one to lose?

Coach Mistretta: It was a tough opponent to go against. A big, physical group with a lot of athletes. We knew that going in. I think the biggest issue was that we couldn’t get the defense off the field in the first quarter. Part of that was a good thing. They went on a long drive and we finally made them punt and then we scored on the first play which is great for us but now our defense is back on the field. We were actually on the field for 10 for the first 12 minutes.

Sports Scene: At one point it was 16-16?

Coach Mistretta: It was tied up at half. I believe we were within seven points with eight minutes left in the game and gave up a late score. I am really proud of our guys the way they fought. We went into the game with three starters out and lost another five during the game. At one point we were eight down and had two guys playing positions they had never even practiced. And they kept fighting. They showed a great competitive spirit and that was what we were looking for. That was what we did not have the week before. Losing is never fun but there are some positives we can take from it.

Sports Scene: How good are they?

Coach Mistretta: They have the size and athletes. It is a matter of them not hurting themselves which they did a good job of the other night. They didn’t turn the ball over. We went in trying to force some turnovers. If they can continue to do that, they are going to have a lot of success this year.

Sports Scene: Your season is still very much alive?

Coach Mistretta: We are looking forward to the stretch run. We are right where we were last year. We have got to finish strong. We have a tough St. Amant coming up this week. We are excited and I know the kids will be fired up and I am sure they will be as well.

Sports Scene: Do you approach practice different after a loss instead of win?

Coach Mistretta: We don’t. You learn more about yourself after a loss. Everybody tends to look in the mirror. That is always a good thing. It is a morale issue. You have to make sure your guys are focusing on the next opponent. You have to continue to support each other. When you lose a couple of games that is when team really comes into the picture. It is about everybody understanding their role, more importantly accepting their role and then going out and performing their best.

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