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Dutchtown coach Guy Mistretta


Bears at Griffins

Nov. 8, 2019 at 7 p.m.


With Guy Mistretta

Head Football Coach

Dutchtown High School

Sports Scene: The winning coach in the rivalry between Dutchtown and St. Amant?

Coach Mistretta: Momentum flew on both sides of the field. In high school football that happens sometimes. It was a crazy back and forth game.

Sports Scene: It is good that you have a guy like Dylan Sampson?

Coach Mistretta: The thing about Dylan – I thought that this was his best game overall. His stats showed that it was but more than that was just the grit that he showed. He got banged up early in the first half. We actually considered taking him out of the game a couple of different times but our other running back Blayden Louis got banged up as well so we had to play him and he just gutted it out.

Sports Scene: You had the big lead. What else where you having success with?

Coach Mistretta: The biggest thing was upfront. Early on in the first two series of the game St. Amant really dominated us and we challenged our guys after that and I think from our second drive through midway of the third quarter I thought we dominated the front which was huge for us. I say it every week but it goes back to those guys up front.

Sports Scene: All three teams seem to be very close no matter what the records are?

Coach Mistretta: They did everything they needed to do to get back into the ball game. A lot of teams would fold in that situation. I think we were up 30 in the third quarter and most teams would mail it in at that point. Credit to those guys to keep fighting and getting back into contention.

Sports Scene: You learned something about your team this week?

Coach Mistretta: We were really close to dominating that game and putting it away so you have to understand how good you can be. You are right there to being a dominant football team so that should give you a lot of confidence. We have to learn to not let up and keep the pressure on to be successful. We are excited about how a game like that can lead us going forward.

Sports Scene: Next week you are playing for the district title against Catholic?

Coach Mistretta: They are a really solid team obviously. Their record shows it and they are nationally ranked I believe. It is certainly a challenge but something that our guys are excited about. With great challenges come great rewards. When you break a team down, you are always looking for weak spots that you can take advantage of. That is the difference with these guys. They don’t really have that. They don’t have maybe the super athletes that they may have had in the past but they are absolutely solid and well above average across the board at every single position.

Sports Scene: What can we expect out of Dutchtown this week?

Coach Mistretta: We are pinning our ears back and going get them. We expect to win the game. We preach to our guys every week to control what you can control. We can’t look at what other teams are doing. We can only control what happens Friday night.