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East Ascension Insights Week 11 2018

East Ascension coach Darnell Lee


Wildcats at Spartans

Nov. 9, 2018 at 7 pm


With Darnell Lee

Head Football Coach

East Ascension High School

Sports Scene: A big win for you and a 9-1 season?

Coach Lee: I was proud of the way our kids played. We were ecstatic about the crowd when we got on the bus. They even had a second line coming down Burnside. Unfortunately, it was during the National Anthem. That was probably one of the biggest crowds I ever saw for one of our home games.

Sports Scene: St. Amant played you pretty tough? Four yards rushing in the first half?

Coach Lee: They did an excellent job. We knew that coming in. That defense was nicknamed the Pit Crew for a reason. That is the standard they set over there. They come out and play hard. They have Division I guys up front like Johnny Johnson and their linebacking corps did an excellent job.

Sports Scene: It was 7-6 at the end of the first quarter thanks to a touchdown on a punt return by Jaqunn Mitchell?

Coach Lee: That is the second one in two weeks for him. He is definitely a weapon for us. He gives us great field position and sometimes he may score.

Sports Scene: The other touchdown came as a little bit of a trick play?

Coach Lee: That is a play we practiced all week with Damon McDonald. We actually had two trick plays for him. He is our long snapper so we knew he could snap the ball. We kind of covered him up on the first one and shifted to an unbalanced formation and he ended up being the tight end. It was a delayed swing pass to the running back and we came back and hit him in the middle of the field. It took too long to develop and the linebacker sniffed it out. In the second half for the touchdown we hid him as a tackle and slid him out. It was a good pass and catch by him.

Sports Scene: You were able to contain K.J. Franklin?

Coach Lee: Our kids answered the bell. We swarmed him and knew if he got the ball, everybody had to get there. He can stop and reverse field on you. He is an opportunistic runner and reminds me of Barry Sanders. He may lose five on this play and pick up seven on the next. Their quarterback did a great job of scrambling and buying time. It was definitely a game. You can throw out all the records.

Sports Scene: Now you will host a game against East St. John?

Coach Lee: They have athletes and a brand new head coach. He is doing a great job with them. They are sound on defense. I think if we have the edge on them anywhere it will probably be in the trenches and we have to make the most of it because in that perimeter game we both have athletes. They match up real well against us but we are looking forward to the challenge.

Sports Scene: Is preparation for East St. John going to be any different now that you are in the playoffs?

Coach Lee: It is because we came in and watched film on Saturday without knowing who you play until today. So we will come in at 6 p.m., watch film, release them and then the coaches will stay all night.

Sports Scene: East St. John is No. 28 and you are up to No. 5?

Coach Lee: We moved up quite a bit with the win over St. Amant. I think they dropped because everybody on their pre-district schedule lost. That is unfortunate for them. That is what I told our guys all season. What we are playing for is positioning and possibly getting a couple of home games.

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