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East Ascension Insights Week 5 2019

East Ascension coach Darnell Lee


Spartans at Bears

Oct. 11, 2019 at 7 p.m.


With Darnell Lee

Head Football Coach

East Ascension High School

Sports Scene: It was not your typical EA game. Another nail-biter but low scoring?

Coach Lee: It is typical for EA and St. Charles Catholic. The last three games we have played averaged 23 points scored total by both teams. It was a tough defense. They shortened the game and we had some early mistakes. They brought back a 70-yard touchdown on the first play of the game. That and a couple of holding calls kept us behind the chains.

Sports Scene: You didn’t score in the first quarter. Did that deflate your team?

Coach Lee: We went with Hobart Grayson who is a first time starter for us and when something like that happens it is a big time momentum swing. We needed that and didn’t get it but I don’t think we were deflated. It just hit the reset button on our momentum.

Sports Scene: Cameron Jones did come in and provide a spark?

Coach Lee: We called a play and Grayson didn’t make the correct read. We tried to pick up the tempo and a couple of holding penalties pushed us back. Cam hurt his knee against Haughton and has been playing with a low ankle sprain. Last week in practice we made sure Hobart took the majority of snaps to be ready. We just knew if Cam took to many licks we may lose him for quite a while.

Sports Scene: Their game plan was clearly to keep the ball out of your hands?

Coach Lee: Their only score came after we made the stop and they called a face-mask penalty. That was a big momentum swing against us. I was happy with our defense and the schedule that we have played you are not going to hold many people to 14 points. I was just happy our defense had a breakout game because St. Charles can score points, too. They played a great game in adverse situations with their backs against the wall.

Sports Scene: You really controlled the line of scrimmage after they scored?

Coach Lee: I always say I’d rather end the game on offense rather than defense. I will take a 7-6 win but if you have a touchdown go ahead and get it. I felt like we had the momentum and our kids were playing hard so I was happy with the outcome.

Sports Scene: Now you have the big game with Catholic? What kind of game are you expecting?

Coach Lee: They pretty much have the same team from last year. Those guys are a year better. Their quarterback is more mobile and has executed the offense better. They feel like it is their year. We are going to challenge our guys this week. Catholic is Week 6 and that is how we are going to play it. We are going to practice hard and play to win and we are prepared to fight. We have been playing with JV guys in certain positions all season long but we are going to coach all our guys the same and that is to go out and get a win for the Spartans. We see some things that we think we can capitalize on.