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St. Amant coach David Oliver


Warriors at Gators

Sept. 13, 2019 at 7 p.m.


With David Oliver

Head Football Coach

St. Amant High School

Sports Scene: It was not the best start to the season. You open up against a pretty good Carver team out of New Orleans?

Coach Oliver: You always hope to win all the games that you play and you prepare that way but there is some silver lining in this. I think we are a better team than we were when we started that game. We learned that we are willing to compete and willing to battle. We played extremely hard. We didn’t always play smart but the effort was there and I can see a good football team if we eliminate mistakes. We had a chance in the fourth quarter and just couldn’t get the stop we needed on defense.

Sports Scene: There are a lot of good things that came out of the game for St. Amant? You went down and scored off the opening kickoff and Reggie Sims had a nice game?

Coach Oliver: I’m pleased with the job that he has done. We thought a lot of him early in his career and kind of forgot about him because he tore his ACL early. He has worked extremely hard to get back healthy. I think Slade Zepphuhar played well at quarterback and the two receivers Javin Aguillard and Austin Bascom played well. It was a team effort on offense and the game plan checked out. The opponent was good and that is what we try to schedule in non-district to prepare for district and the playoffs. This is a top 10 team and we competed toe to toe with them. The result could have been different if some breaks had went our way but football is a cruel game sometimes and anytime we got a little momentum we did something that cost us that momentum. The big thing was penalties and we were working behind the chains all night.

Sports Scene: Both teams had tons of penalties and it was one of the longest games I have ever been to. What happened at the end of the game?

Coach Oliver: They called targeting. An intentional shot to the head on our safety and our safety was actually trying to avoid that. The receiver went to a knee and our guy tried to pull up. I didn’t agree with the call. I also felt like the officials mismanaged the end of the game. I think there were some struggles with the officiated staff and the new federation rules on the play clock. It was a weird night but they had a lot of college prospects and played well. They did enough to win and earned it. We have to learn from it and move forward. It is only winning and losing if you don’t learn a lesson. If not, it is winning and learning.

Sports Scene: Talk about your quarterback situation with Slade Zeppuhar and Cole Poirrier?

Coach Oliver: We are still trying to settle that out. Both guys have showed what they can do. Right now in live action, Zeppuhar is probably playing a hair better just based on stats but Poirrier has got a deep ball and also punts and kicks for us. They both lend a little something to it.

Sports Scene: The next game is against East Jefferson? What kind of situation do you think they are going to present this week?

Coach Oliver: It is a chance to continue to improve our football team against a quality opponent. They have struggled early in the season. Last week, they had some trouble containing the quarterback. I think they are the kind of team that is going to improve as the year goes on. I think if we go out and execute and don’t beat ourselves which is the big key, I think we should be fine.