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St. Amant Insights Week 11 2018

St. Amant coach David Oliver


Gators at Gators

Nov. 9, 2018 at 7 pm


With David Oliver

Head Football Coach

St. Amant High School

Sports Scene: It was a tough defensive battle? What happened at the beginning of the game with the uniforms?

Coach Oliver: If you wear non-white jerseys at somebody else’s place it is a15-yard penalty and they assessed it against us. Some years it does and some years it doesn’t. It just depends on the officials’ crew but that is the rule. That is our thing and we are going to wear them.

Sports Scene: The third quarter, you took the lead?

Coach Oliver: I was extremely pleased with how our offensive and defensive units played. Our team in general played with a lot of heart and toughness. We had a chance to win it in the fourth quarter and it just didn’t work out. Our special teams kind of let us down a little bit. Obviously, they returned a punt for a touchdown and we missed an extra point and field goal. Those are the kind of plays you have to find a way to make in a big game like that. With about six minutes left in the fourth quarter we had a 13-10 lead and we were leaning on our defense. They had a drive and had a late touchdown and field goal. We still had a chance at the end. We have some things to clean up but I like our team going into the playoffs.

Sports Scene: EA did a good job of defending K.J. Franklin?

Coach Oliver: We thought that they would. They are extremely physical and big on their interior lines and I thought they controlled the game up front. Offensively, we did have two 60-yard plus drives for touchdowns. They got the one touchdown on us with the tackle eligible – kind of a trick play. I thought our defense did a great job of holding them out of the end zone and giving us a chance to compete and win. A break or big play here or there was the difference. They just made a few more plays than we did. I was pleased with how we competed. The environment was unbelievable and that is the kind of competition that gets you ready for the state playoffs. EA is a high seed and this tells us we can play with anybody if we are motivated and execute.

Sports Scene: Now you have Captain Shreve on the road?

Coach Oliver: We thought we would 14 or 15 even if we lost the game and move up obviously if we won. It is kind of what it is. I have never had a week in 11 years where all of our non-district opponents lost. One game here or there at the end with these power points and one more win could have factored in. But we can always handle that by winning one more game ourselves and then we would have definitely been home.

Sports Scene: What do you know about Captain Shreve?

Coach Oliver: Well, Captain Shreve is kind of having a little renaissance. This is the best year they have had in football in quite a while. They are 7-3 and have played some good quality opponents. They got off to a huge fast start. They are a good, athletic offensive team and they are tough on defense with an even man front. They fly around and are pretty aggressive so we are going to have our work cut out for us but competition against teams like EA, Dutchtown, Catholic, Lutcher and St. James – those are playoff-type football teams that get you ready to go.

Sports Scene: Sounds like you have pretty much scouted them already?

Coach Oliver: We spent a lot of time on it this morning and we are going to go back this afternoon and catch another look at it so that by the time we go to practice we ought to have a good feel for it.

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