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St. Amant coach David Oliver


Gators at Spartans

Nov. 8, 2019 at 7 p.m.


With David Oliver

Head Football Coach

St. Amant High School

Sports Scene: You had the loss this week to Dutchtown but really it was two games?

Coach Oliver: I was disappointed in the result and I am sure our kids were too but I wasn’t disappointed in the effort at all. There were some little lulls in the game where we know that we could have played better. I was real impressed with Dutchtown but at the end of the day a lot of times it is just about us. We started off great and through the first quarter it was pretty even. In the second quarter they got hot on offense and got some stops on defense and got up by 30. And then we had a couple of plays in a row that made a difference. Momentum and confidence is so important for high school kids. All of a sudden you got kind of a different game right there and we were able to get back in it. We got an onside kick and had a shot at the end to win it but the damage before that was just too much to overcome.

Sports Scene: It does say a lot about your team not only to come back but being able to compete?

Coach Oliver: I don’t think our coaches or our players doubt that we can compete with any team in our league. I guess the challenge for us is now is to find how to play at that level for 48 minutes and not whatever we played the other night. To go out and put a sustained effort together where the offense feeds off the defense and the other way around instead of just being so inconsistent. This is the youngest team I have coached in a number of years because we are relying on a ton of juniors and sophomores but we are nine games in so I see them as veterans now so we have to start playing 48 minutes like a veteran team.

Sports Scene: East Ascension had the same kind of trouble you had last week with it tied at half?

Coach Oliver: We will take their best shot. This is the easiest game of the year from a coach’s standpoint motivation-wise. It is not going to be hard for either of our coaches to get these teams up and ready to play each other. It means a lot to both communities and schools regardless of the sport or competition. They will be out there tomorrow morning playing golf and it will be heated and it will be discussed. It doesn’t matter what they play, it means something to somebody.

Sports Scene: You are fighting for a playoff spot. A win would remove all doubt?

Coach Oliver: I just really think we have to win to get in. I think if we don’t win we will be the only team with five wins in the state that doesn’t get in. And really if you lose your last three games you probably don’t deserve to be in. So our focus is to go and get a win. If you beat a team like EA you have a tendency to move up because their record and strength of schedule is good. I think we still control our own destiny but it is going to take a huge effort Friday night in Gonzales. These games always tend to be close and it is always a huge environment and event that the kids remember for the rest of their lives.