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Tyler Waguespack wins second steer wrestling world title in three years

Tyler Waguespack

LAS VEGAS – Tyler Waguespack opened the 2018 Wrangler NFR with a Round 1 victory. He closed it with a world title.

The 28-year-old, Gonzales, La., cowboy claimed his second world championship in three years with $260,013.

Waguespack spurred the victory with his aggregate win – 44.5 seconds on 10 head.

“This feels just like the first one,” he said. “We worked hard all year and it all paid off.”

Waguespack entered the Finals in 10th place. He trailed regular-season leader Curtis Cassidy by $26,425 when the Finals opened.

He won Rounds 1 and 8 and placed in five others. Over the 10 days, Waguespack won $180,429.

After winning Round 9, Waguespack knew the world title was well within reach. He didn’t crunch numbers, but he did know it was just a matter of taking care of business.

“I knew after the ninth round if I could go in and win the average that the world title would take care of itself,” Waguespack said. “I was just making sure to go out there and make a good, solid run in the last round and get the job done.”

Having been there before, Waguespack understood what it took to win a world title. He also got some of the best advice from 24-time world champion Trevor Brazile.

“You know, man, I think Trevor Brazile said it the best, he described the NFR as a marathon and it’s a marathon you have to sprint 10 nights in a row,” Waguespack said.

Waguespack has plans for both of his world championship gold buckles.

“I’m going to keep my first one, I’m pretty sure,” he said, “and for sure I’m going to see if my dad will wear the second one.”

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